Use the Digital Compass to find your direction

Use the Digital Compass to help you prepare for your digital journey.

35% of organisations have an enterprise-wide digital strategy, which means, despite the hyperbole, the majority of organisations do not. 11% of IT leaders reported that ‘no-one owns the digital strategy’ in their organisation, so if you are feeling you don’t have a firm grasp on your organisation’s digital opportunities then you are not alone.

This paper is aimed at Small-to-Medium Enterprises who are thinking about digital, perhaps aware that 1-in-3 of their competitors are already on the journey. Rather than considering the technologies or specific digital solutions (we can talk about that), it looks at the non-technical considerations in 7 areas relating to your preparedness to embark on a digital journey.

Download the document Digital Compass and feel free to share it.  Please contact Stuart at if you would like to discuss any of the concepts, technologies or next steps.

[Stats taken from 2016 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey]

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